Something we don’t see much of in Canada are power metal bands. In the past we had to venture out of the Great White North to find some, but luckily a homegrown group has since popped up. Quebec’s very own Kemilon is filling the Canadian power metal void with the recent release of their debut album Twisted Storm on Maple Metal Records.

As with many power metal albums, Twisted Storm focuses on lead vocalist Yan Gagné’s powerful singing. And while Yan certainly doesn’t need it, on this release Jasio Kulakowski (Shadowblade) and Max Beriault (Korpius) both lend a hand… I mean voice. Vocals aside, instrumentally this debut features some excellent harmonies that will get the head banging and the air guitars rocking.

With Kemilon pushing some much-needed power metal in Canada, I wonder if the rest of the country will follow suit? To me at least, the idea of more Canadian power metal bands sounds excellent!

Track Listing:

01. Beyond Frontiers
02. Ocean Of Insanity
03. The Gates Of Heavy Metal
04. Night Shades
05. Wormhole
06. Sons Of Lies
07. The Glow
08. Warriors Of Space
09. The Revolution
10. Twisted Storm

Run Time: 46:13
Release Date: March 23, 2012

Check out the song: “The Revolution”