While surfing the web for some rad new music, I stumbled upon Crawfordsville, IN’s pop rock band Glorious Rebellion. With a bit of research I discovered the young artists had recently released their second EP, School’s For Fools!. I then watched the music video for “Don’t Dip The Pen In Company Ink” and knew then and there I needed a copy of the extended play so I could tell all you readers about it.

School’s For Fools! is 5 songs of poppy rock melodies which will get your head bopping. Instrumentally they keep it simple with power chords and the occasional clean guitar picking. Leading the class is vocalist Brook Voils who uses her soft voice to draw in listeners with catchy sung lines. On the song “I’m Sick And Tired Of Being A Nobody” however, they switch things up and throw in some guest rapping.

These days it’s very rare to find a solid-sounding pop rock band that can write catchy music. Glorious Rebellion are one of these gems and it can definitely be heard on School’s For Fools!. Before I let you go, if you can get a hold of a physical copy, make sure you do. It has photos of the band members on “student picture day” when they were young-ins. It’s always fun to see how people looked before they found themselves. Class dismissed.

Track Listing:

01. Don’t Dip The Pen In Company Ink
02. Foolish Pleasure
03. Murphey’s Law
04. Im Sick And Tired Of Being A Nobody
05. Time

Run Time: 18:14
Release Date: March 30, 2012

Check out the song: “Don’t Dip The Pen In Company Ink”