Two years after the departure of vocalist ZP Theart, DragonForce return and release their new album The Power Within via Roadrunner Records. Taking over vocal duties is Marc Hudson, who basically sounds identicle to ZP save for the fact that his pitch isn’t as high. Even his vocal lines are very similar to what we’ve heard from past DF albums. So not too much vocal change for those worried fans.

Again the band rips out uber-fast and super-human instrumentals with a level of complexity that continues to astound. The predominant focus is once more on the guitars of Herman Li and Sam Totman, both of whom shred and tap all over their fret boards with reckless abandon. The Power Within is pretty much just “another” solid DragonForce album, but with a different vocalist. If one liked past DF releases, then this one too should be right up your alley.

Track Listing:

01. Holding On
02. Fallen World
03. Cry Thunder
04. Give Me The Night
05. Wings Of Liberty
06. Seasons
07. Heart Of The Storm
08. Die By The Sword
09. Last Man Standing
10. Seasons (Acoustic Version)

Run Time: 50:18
Release Date: April 15, 2012

Check out the song: “Cry Thunder”