Coffin Texts is a death metal band based out of L.A. Their latest album The Tomb of Infinite Ritual is being released on 12″ vinyl this month by the label Blood Harvest and was previously released on May 3rd by Dark Descent Records. The band play a pretty brutal style of death metal with some cool, chuggy riffs and grooves most comparable to Suffocation, and at times early Morbid Angel. For an underground release the disc has surprisingly good production without much of the muddy sound that one normally hears on a small label.

Most of the songs are pretty no-frills, straight up death metal with few surprises; however, this is a good thing: like I’ve said in previous reviews, change is not something that most death metal heads want. We want thick, pummeling riffs, growled vocals and blast beats. Coffin Texts delivers this in spades, and while not reinventing the wheel, prove to be a very enjoyable beast. Top tracks are “Dieties of the Prime Evil Chaos” and “To Manifest”.

Track Listing:

01. Aturn (Into the Divine Sphere)
02. To Manifest
03. Final Transformation
04. The Sacred Eye
05. Divination (Soothsayer/The Invocate/Eternal Oath)
06. Throne of Genocide
07. Dieties of the Prime Evil Chaos

Run Time: 37:44
Release Date: July 25, 2012

Check out the song: “To Manifest”