Blessed By A Broken Heart, or as most fans have shorted their name to… Blessed, are back with their third studio album, Feel The Power, out via Christian rock label Tooth & Nail Records. With a four year gap since their previous release, Pedal To The Metal, it seems the time has changed the band as BBABH have decided to show the world a “softer” side.

When I say “softer” I don’t mean they’ve turned into a melodic emo band, but instead more of a heavy metal power house. Compared to past releases they’ve jumped away from their hardcore influences and focused on their love of fast 80’s rock/metal. With excellent musicianship the boys put their talents to great use. Tremendous guitar licks backed by the rest of the instruments help to create a strong base for vocalist Tony Gambino to sing over. An added element that helps to make their music more “epic” are the keyboards – they make the music feel holy.

Feel The Power is not an album I expected from Blessed By A Broken Heart, but I’m sure excited they released it. Hopefully with this new musical path they can garner more heavy metal fans and also convert some hardcore kids into metal heads along the way.

Track Listing:

01. Deathwish
02. Shut Up And Rock
03. Love Nightmare
04. Forever
05. Thunder Dome
06. Holdin’ Back For Nothin’
07. I’ve Got You
08. Rockin’ All Night
09. Scream It Like You Mean It
10. Skate Or Die
11. Innocent Blood
12. Sleepless Nights

Run Time: 48:52
Release Date: January 24, 2012

Check out the song: “Forever”