Abyssal is a band that is virtually impossible to find any information on. They have a Bandcamp page, but there is no contact information, but the album is available as a free download. I can find no MySpace page, no Twitter and their Facebook page contains nothing but a hotmail address and zero posts. Moreover, the band’s Metal Archives page contains no information other than the album’s title, that they are from the UK and a link to their Bandcamp page. In an age where virtually anyone is traceable online it’s a bit of an oddity that I can find almost no information on this group. I guess they’re trying to keep some of that death/black metal “mystique” that used to be present in the underground prior to the advent of the internet, which is kind of cool as it definitely keeps one guessing.

To put it simply, Denouement smokes. And in a year where there seems to be a dozen stellar releases a month, that’s saying a lot. The truth is that Abyssal belongs in the major leagues of black/death metal with the likes of Behemoth and Watain rather than in the deep underground where no one even knows who the hell they are.

What makes Denouement so special you might ask? Everything. The songwriting is killer, the musicianship is killer and man do the songs hook you in with such a dark atmosphere that at times it feels like you’re being swallowed by the music. Sometimes slow and plodding, fast and furious at others, with odd sound effects thrown in here and there, the songs are never boring (even though almost all are between 7-11 minutes long).

What Abyssal have done is crafted a stellar album that borders between black and death metal and while not perfect, could very well be looked upon as a classic in years to come. Yes it is that good. Download it for free via the band’s Bandcamp page and see for yourself.

Track Listing:

01. The Moss Upon Our Ruins
02. Celestial Dictatorship
03. Deus Vult
04. Detritivore
05. When Paradigms Supplant Gods
06. Swansong of a Dying Race

Run Time: 50:23
Release Date: January 2, 2012

Check out the album: ‘Denouement’