The Skinny: The Attack’s upcoming EP Too Punk for the Hardcore Show, Too Hardcore for the Punk Show pokes fun at the fact that the band is dedicated to their punk and hardcore roots despite current trends in the underground. Brad Palkevich, guitarist for The Attack states: “Everyone needs to go back and look at some old fliers, punk bands like The Pagan Babies were on the bill for the NYC Youth Crew Shows. Metal bands like Nuclear Assault were on gigs with GBH and Agnostic Front. For crying out loud, Slapshot played with The Exploited in New York when I was a kid. You would never see a show like that these days.”

“We’re not focused on the ‘good old days’,” Palkevich continues, “we are focused on the fact that hundreds of amazing bands are going overlooked because they don’t fall into one micro genre or another.” Based out of Orlando, Florida, The Attack stays true to their roots and their DIY message. Singer Charlie Bender and guitarist Brad Palkevich own Enemy Ink, a custom screen print shop focused on supplying merchandise to the projects they care most about. Enemy Ink was started with the sole intent of printing merch for bands Palkevich and Bender managed/performed in and now print for some of the most respected names in the underground.

Too Punk for the Hardcore Show, Too Hardcore for the Punk Show Track Listing:

01. Wasted
02. Dr. Phillips
03. Scene Report
04. Bigshot
05. Time for Livin’


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