The Skinny: From Hell’s deepest abyss comes a new alliance, forged in blood-soaked blasphemy and proclaiming a return to the old ways! On Cryptic Communications, Pennsylvania’s Shadows In The Crypt summon the deepest demons hidden within the Earth with nine hymns to the goat, announcing his vengeance upon the minions of the Nazarene. Featuring George Loveland (Decieverion, ex-Crucifier, ex-Invasive Command) on vocals, Stephen Corridean (ex-Evil Divine, ex-Wykked Wytch) on guitars/bass and master shredder Lawrence Wallace! Supreme Black Metal for fans of Horna, Obtained Enslavement, Emperor. Listen to album cut “Embracing the Forbidden Arts” below.

Cryptic Communications Track Listing:

01. Beneath Threatening Skies
02. The Vengeful Gathering
03. Embracing The Forbidden Arts
04. Hymnal Choirs Perishing
05. Baphomental Affliction
06. As Shadows Cover
07. Cryptic Communications
08. Revolutionary Genocidal Madness
09. Disgracing The Pulpit


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