Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Saint Rebel crank out some of the best hard rock I’ve heard in a long time! In the past few years the hard rock scene has become so generic and boring that I’ve pretty much given up on it, until now that is. The Battle of Sinners and Saints is a BIG breath of fresh air in a genre that has become polluted with amateur, radio-friendly, corporate rock wannabees.

This effort is a solid, edgy rock ‘n roll album full of big choruses, tasteful guitar solos and savoury sing along moments. Jonas Kaas’ vocals are the highlight of the disc for me though, as this guy can belt it out with the best of them; he has just the right amount of power, control and emotion to separate himself (and Saint Rebel) from the competition. The Battle of Sinners and Saints might just be the kick in the ass this genre desperately needs. I highly recommend checking this disc out; I know I’ll be revisiting it on a regular basis!

Track Listing:

01. Always Alone
02. Once We Were Two
03. Show Me The Way
04. Halo
05. I’d Rather Be a Narcissist
06. Earthquake Shakes Me Down
07. Wasted
08. The Dying Child
09. Sell My Soul
10. You Will Know My Name

Run Time: 39:05
Release Date: July 24, 2012

Check out the song: “Earthquake Shakes Me Down”