Just like on the old Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo cartoons, this hot new product is all about Puppy Power! Us canine aficionados sure love our pets and usually treat them with respect and over-the-top codling, oftentimes more so than our own kin. Though some people might take their pet love WAY too far (think Paris Hilton lap dogs, avid dog show enthusiasts and that weird neighbour with 18 cats), it’s still nice when us “regular” dog lovers can do something extra-special for our bruisers and bitches.

Enter Metal Dogz pet clothing. While this rocker would love to give in to his wife’s wishes and don our boxers with funny or “cute” clothing, it just ain’t happening. Thankfully the great folks over at Metal Dogz are providing people like me with the perfect solution – canine-specific rock/metal attire! Ranging in size (broken down by weight classes) from yappy lap dog, to a “proper” pooch as displayed in the images below, Metal Dogz have launched a nice, simple-but-growing line of clothes including, hoodies, shirts and bandanas.

With funny designs including: Goth Doggie, Death Metal Doggie, Black Metal Doggie and plain old Metal Doggie, the clothes are all 100% cotton and fully machine washable. They’ll even exchange a shirt if you’re not satisfied with the size. Bottom line – these are great gifts for any rock/metal enthusiasts, dogs included! The quality is great and so are the friendly people running the line. Rock!


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