Skynet is a relatively new band from Hamilton, Ontario that just released their debut, self-titled EP for free (generous donations also accepted) through their website Recently I spoke with their lead singer, Blake Prince, (formerly of Straight Reads the Line, Modern Miniatures) over Facebook about the band itself and his music career. Get ready for Skynet ruin your eardrums!

You have been a front man since you were a teenager for many bands such as: Straight Reads the Line, Modern Miniatures and now Skynet. How has your stage presence changed since you first started?
Blake: I think when i first started i would just take off all of my clothes and pour beer on myself and now I pretty much do the same thing, so I guess not much has changed. Shock value baby!

On June 15th, you released your debut 6 song EP through your website What prompted you with the idea to release the album free or by donation? To give something back to the fans, that have followed your career?
Blake: There is that for sure! And also because as a new band, even though we put ourselves in the hole doing this record, we just didn’t want to wait for people to hear it when it was ready to go. We love making music and we just want to share it.

Check out the song: “Deception”

What was the transition period like when you and Adrian Levasseur left Modern Miniatures to form Skynet?
Blake: I don’t think there was one. [laughs] We were seeing Modern not working out too well for the both of us and we were ready to turn his side project into what we are today.

You have been working with Adrian since Straight Reads the Line. What was it about his songwriting that kept you together?
Blake: Listen, I can sit here all day and metaphorically suck the guy’s dick but, the truth is he is too talented for his own good. He shits out amazing songs daily and the fact that him and I click so well just makes it feel like there is no other way to make music in my eyes.

What was the writing process like for this EP?
Blake: All of these songs were already written when I joined the band except for two. Needless to say, we were more than ready going into the studio when we did. It was a great experience recording so far away from home, no distractions was very key to this writing process. The really cheap alcohol in Ohio might have become a distraction at times though.

You went to Plain City, Ohio to record the album with Dan Smoldt at URC Studios, and guitarist Adrian Levasseur as producer. What was that experience like?
Blake: Donny is always a producer when it comes to our music. We all share the same vision and the fact that he knows how to create that for us is huge.

You’re hitting the road with Blind Witness, Betrayal, and The Fallacy from July 8th to the 15th. Any other plans for touring this Summer?
Blake: We are currently in the process of putting a Fall tour together after this run with BW and Betrayal. Keep posted!

Thanks Blake. Can’t wait to hear more from you guys.

Check out the song: “Lovesick”