Alison Wedding is someone to look out for in the world of contemporary jazz. This singer, songwriter, keyboardist and associate professor in the vocal faculty at none other than Berklee College of Music (talk about multi-talented!) is back in the music scene with This Dance, her first release in five years.

This record shows off Alison’s voice and eclectic influences so very well. Her voice is ethereal, sultry, rich and at times, floaty and almost whimsical at others. Best of all, the emotions throughout this album – wistfulness, regret, romance, perseverance – are captured by the beautiful fusion of the vocals and music.

Noteworthy tracks include “Anyone But You” – Theo Bleckmann’s vocals together with Alison’s makes for a gorgeous piece. “Remain” is another great track, featuring Chris Potter’s saxophone but with a Latin twist from the rhythm section. “My Friend Regret” is a heart-wrenching ballad that sent shivers up my spine; the melody line is slightly reminiscent of T.R.A.M., yet another notable contemporary jazz project. All in all, a wonderful release, especially perfect for chill listening. Enjoy This Dance as you drift away into peaceful oblivion.

Track Listing:

01. For Will
02. Carry On (featuring Lionel Loueke)
03. Remain (featuring Chris Potter)
04. My Friend Regret
05. Hey Stranger
06. Anyone But You (featuring Theo Bleckmann)
07. Let Me Pretend
08. We’ll Know
09. Up in Smoke
10. Your Decision
11. This Dance

Run Time: 43:07
Release Date: May 15th, 2012

Check out the song: “For Will”