The Veer Union recently released their sophomore album, Divide The Blackened Sky, via Rocket Science Ventures. Being a fan since their 2009 radio-friendly rock debut Against The Grain, I went into this album with preconceived notions. Almost immediately after I hit play Crispin Earl’s voice startled me – he has a combative presence on the opening track “Borderline” and I like it!

The opening track was an active rock radio assault on the senses and kicked my ass. Followed by their single “Bitter End” and then the song “I Will Remain”, the album continued to annihilate my ears with bad-ass riffs, good drums, and demanding vocals. My favorite song however, is their ballad “Inside Our Scars”, a track which positions the band in a different direction from what I had previously heard. It’s a progression though and definitely a sound their dedicated fans can enjoy.

I used to think the guys were a bit one dimensional, but on Divide The Blackened Sky I hear a growth in their songwriting, musicianship, and performance, all of which transformed me from a passive listener to a complete fan that values their entire body of work. While I’m sure the single “Bitter End” will continue to impact radio, this album will now also be in my regular rotation.

Track Listing:

01. Borderline
02. Bitter End
03. I Will Remain
04. Buried In The Ground
05. Inside Our Scars
06. Live Another Day
07. Divide The Blackened Sky
08. Silent Gun
09. Last Days Of Life
10. Stolen

Run Time: 32:02
Release Date: March 27, 2012

Check out the song: “Bitter End”