New Zealand’s The House of Capricorn is a strange band. Their sound has been primarily described by most publications as a cross between stoner and doom rock. And while the doom tag seems to fit about half the time, the rest of the time I would say they play more than anything else, an alternative rock a la Stone Temple Pilots.

Music aside, these guys, like other occult bands, lay a lot of praise on the horned one – which is okay when you’re playing music like this. That said it would still have been interesting to hear other varying themes from them at some point during the disc. The songs themselves are not bad, but the doom songs are much better than the rockier ones – the track “Les Innocents” in particular is outstanding. Overall In The Devil’s Days isn’t a bad album, and worth a listen or two.

Track Listing:

01. All Hail to the Netherworld
02. Les Innocents
03. Coffins and Cloven Hooves
04. Arcane Delve
05. Canto IV
06. Veils
07. To Carry the Lantern
08. Illumination in Omega
09. Horns
10. In the Devil’s Days

Run Time: 72:46
Release Date: October 13, 2011

Check out the album: ‘In the Devil’s Days’