After a four year hiatus P.O.D. is back with a new full-length entitled Murdered Love. I was a great big fan back in the early days and absolutely love both The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown and Satellites, but somewhere along the way I lost interest… after a while it all seemed to be more of the same to me. Perhaps the extended break is what was needed though, as the P.O.D. that I knew and loved is back and in full effect!

The songs all bear the band’s trademark heavy groove that is nicely accentuated by Sonny Sandoval’s unique rap-influenced delivery. Along the way there are lots of memorable moments; I especially dig the ultra-melodic tunes “Higher” and “Lost In Forever”, for me they have the perfect blend of heaviness and melody.

The disc does have a few rough spots though and the Reggae-esque tune “Beautiful” is one of them. The slower tempo and odd, electronic drum beat running through it just didn’t work for me. With all that being said though, I feel Murdered Love is the band’s best effort in many years! Fans will love it and I’m sure it will bring many new ones into the fold as well.

Track Listing:

01. Eyez
02. Murdered Love
03. Higher
04. Lost In Forever
05. West Coast Rock Steady
06. Beautiful
07. Babylon The Murderer
08. On Fire
09. Bad Boy
10. Panic & Run
11. I Am

Run Time: 41:18
Release Date: June 19, 2012

Check out the song: “Lost In Forever (Scream)”