Ihsahn once again takes us on a musical odyssey of sorts with his fourth solo release. After an amazing trilogy of albums, The Adversary, angL, and After, the Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist continues to surpass expectations with the masterpiece, Eremita.

A large part of Eremita has black metal and avant garde influences (what Ihsahn is known for), but the album itself, while still being metal, is so incredibly genre-bending/mashing. It is dark – very dark, brooding and depressive, and beautiful and uplifting all at once.

Special mentions: Devin Townsend’s and Einar Solberg’s recognizable vocals contrasting yet blending with Ihsahn’s screams; saxophone parts by Jorgen Munkeby adding a jazz twist that was somehow still dark and creepy (see tracks: “The Eagle and The Snake”, “The Grave”); fluid transitions between full-blown intensity (“Something Out There”) and rich, flavorful melodies (“Catharsis”).

Overall, Eremita is a prime example of why musical collaborations are always great – sharing and exchanging of musical ideas and talent – and why metal is and will always be the most versatile (read: the BEST) genre around.

Track Listing:

01. Arrival
02. The Paranoid
03. Introspection
04. The Eagle and the Snake
05. Catharsis
06. Something Out There
07. Grief
08. The Grave
09. Departure

Run TIme: 53:15
Release Date: June 19, 2012

Check out the song: “Introspection”