New Orleans metal act haarp (yes, spelt all lower case) came together after the devastation that was Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast region and, among other things, destroyed the local music scene. With their formation, the band created new music unlike anything the members had made in their previous projects. haarp quickly crafted their first full-length, The Filth, and in 2010 released it via Housecore Records.

This album can be described in three words: slow, deadly, metal. All nine tracks sound similar, each with heavy, yet simple instrumentals played uber-slowly giving the songs a more “behemoth” sound. Leading this turtle-speed metal group are some dark, growled vocals and while The Filth definitely gets the head banging, I can’t see much of a circle pit happening for haarp live. Since it’s began to rebuild, I only hope that the New Orleans music scene produces more new, good bands like haarp.

Track Listing:

01. The Rise, The Fall
02. All, Alone
03. A New Reign
04. The Blue Chamber Painted Red
05. Peerless
06. Minutia
07. Here In The Dark
08. Plurimus Humitus, Ciacco
09. The Fall, The Rise

Run Time: 59:45
Release Date: November 23, 2010

Check out the song: “The Rise, The Fall”