Great White is yet another band that achieved great success in the mid to late eighties and has since been trying to reclaim just a portion of that acclaim. As with most of the groups from that era that are still knocking around, Great White has gone through countless lineup changes and has seen their fair share of tragedy, though they’ve still managed to release a number of decent rock n roll albums along the way.

I admit I was a fan of the band back in the heyday and for some reason when I popped Elation into the player I half expected to hear the old familiar sound that we all came to know and love. That was not the case however; I feel this disc does not even remotely resemble the Great White of old. To me Elation has more of an adult contemporary feel to it than the edgy pop rock record I was expecting. There are a few memorable moments on here that I thought were pretty good, I especially like the upbeat opener, “(I’ve Got )Something For You” and “Feelin’ So Much Better.” However, songs like the piano ballad, “Love Is Enough” and the acoustic-driven “Hard to Say Goodbye,” never really seemed to go anywhere and I found myself quickly bored.

At the end of the day, Elation is a mixed bag that has a few songs I might revisit at a later date, but overall I don’t think there are enough memorable moments to add this one to my regular rotation.

Track Listing:

01. (I’ve Got) Something For You
02. Feelin’ So Much Better
03. Love Train
04. Heart Of A Man
05. Hard To Say Goodbye
06. Resolution
07. Shotgun Willie’s
08. Promise Land
09. LowDown (Bonus track)
10. Just For Tonight
11. Love Is Enough
12. Complicated

Run Time: 60:52
Release Date: May 22, 2012

Check out the song: “(I’ve Got) Something For You”