The years I spent behind a mixing console definitely taught me how to appreciate quality sound and all the little nuances that go along with it. So as a self-proclaimed audio snob it is quite refreshing when I am able to review a product that lives up to, and actually exceeds expectations.

I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of Limited Edition Orion On-Ear Stereo Headphones from Beacon Audio for review and I immediately fell in love with them. After years of sticking ear buds in my ears, on-ear headphones are making a comeback; something I am quite stoked about as I have never been a fan of jamming things in my ear.

Besides the sturdy, yet extremely comfortable and fully adjustable fit, I was blown away by the crystal clear sound quality. The frequency response is terrific and I was especially impressed by the way the headphones handle low end frequencies; there was no distortion at all to speak of, even at higher volumes. In order to honestly evaluate these headphones I listened to numerous genres and styles of music and ALL of them sounded unbelievable.

With a list price of just $99 I think The Limited Edition Orion On-Ear Stereo Headphones are more than a bargain. There are other on-ear headphones on the market, but I don’t feel that any of them can equal the quality and value that these provide. I highly recommend checking these out; you won’t regret it.