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The Skinny: Out of Honolulu, Hawaii, FallsStart is a three-piece rock/punk rock band with a sound that combines the best of their wide-range of influences and creates something very much their own. The group has influences from everywhere, including the Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton to newer bands like Yellowcard, Story of the Year and Taking Back Sunday to classical music. FallStart has some interesting origins as singer and bassist Davey Leatherwood and guitarist Adrian Cottmeyer both met while the two were stationed in South Korea in 2006 on active duty for the U.S. Air Force. They soon discovered that they shared a love of the same music and the two started jamming together.

In 2008, Leatherwood joined the Air Force music troupe Tops in Blue where he played with drummer Jaron Seuis. The two were best friends and when Leatherwood decided to start his own band, Cottmeyer became the natural choice to join as guitarist in the Fall of 2008. With the lineup in place, the three musicians worked hard through the Summer of 2009 to complete their debut record Casus Incipiunt which is Latin for FallsStart. 2011 saw FallsStart complete their follow up sophomore album Our Summer due for release this August. The band rehearsed in Honolulu and tested new material out on audiences there before relocating to Florida to record it. From the new record Our Summer, here is the new track “Greed” available for free download.