The Skinny: Death metal group Chaos Inception was formed in 2008 by former Fleshtized members Gary White and Matt Barnes. Soon after Cam Pinkerton was added as bass player before the group finally found its singer in Chris White. Cam later left and then rejoined the band in time for their second record and the band set out on its goal of creating and executing death metal of the highest calibre, free of any lame trends. The band worked hard for most of 2011 preparing and recording songs for their next album which has resulted in the release of The Abrogation.

On The Abrogation, Chaos Inception continue to etch out their own identifiable brand of death metal, pushing it even further into the realm of extremity while remaining rooted in the traditional conception of the genre. The Abrogation was produced and mixed by Lance Wright at Stargate Studios in Huntsville, Alabama during the Fall and Winter of 2011. The album is ready to make its world debut, but as a special sneak peek to fans in this world premiere, here’s the song “Pazuzu Eternal.”

The band offered some commentary on the song’s lyrics: “‘Pazuzu Eternal’ is a premonition of the coming thousand year reign of Pazuzu. The demon Pazuzu is unmerciful and will tolerate no sycophants or followers at his side. There is no entreaty or praise to the demon that would render him to your will. The demon demands obedience and subjugates in the most vile and humiliating manner. The battle of good versus evil began in the blur of a sandstorm atop an ancient ruin. The end is enslavement and annihilation, without end.”