Quebec’s Brume d’Automne play down and dirty black metal. Although there are fleeting moments of atmospheric keyboards and melody, the band’s sound would best be described as raw black metal of the highest quality. Underground black metal heads are in for a treat as this album has so far yet to be matched in terms of sheer brutality. This is some awesome old school BM replete with muddy production, screeching vocals and attitude to boot. Those who aren’t into black metal wont “get” this but those who are, are going to love it to death.

Track Listing:

01. Tels des Beliers
02. Traditionelle IV
03. L’Espirit du Courant
04. Rouge Souvenir d’Antan
05. Le Lieu de la Vengeance
06. Moe J’me Souviens!
07. Saint Eustache-Traditionelle V
08. Quand les Corbeaux Crient Leur Haine

Run Time: 39:38
Release Date: June 12, 2012

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