Black metal is one of those genres that can be done horribly or brilliantly. Done horribly it can be utterly laughable replete with cheesy corpse paint and a cacophony of noise. Done well however, it can be a musical triumph showcasing both ugliness and beauty in its songs. Borgne’s album falls into the triumph category showing underground black metal at its finest with gorgeous soundscapes in some parts and creepy as hell moments in others.

One of the things that Borgne specializes in is creating a definite mood to it’s music-frightful or tranquil, or anything in between. While the songs may be long (some as long as 13 minutes) they never get boring. Black metal fans take note and do all you can to track this one down, as this is one of the best BM albums of the year so far.

Track Listing:

01. Fall of the Lost Souls
02. Suffer As I Paid My Grave
03. In the Realm of the Living I’m Dead
04. Only the Dead Can Be Heard
05. All These Screams Through Me
06. The Last Things You Will See

Run Time: 59:54
Release Date: June 12, 2012

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