Beau Navire is somewhat of a punk super group from Oakland that features members of Loma Prieta and IWroteHaikusAboutCannibalismInYourYearbook. They play a dark, very fast and slightly ambient brand of screamo music with viciously loud vocals and various aspects of other kinds of punk and hardcore music mixed in. Their new record, Lumens, leaves you gasping for air with a sound that simply begs you to see them live.

I know that many who listen to this record will be initially thrown off kilter by the way it was produced. At times it can be difficult to discern the music out of all the chaos. However Beau Navire, like many others in this genre of music, are a band that needs to be seen live and before new listeners turn it off they need to understand that this live sound is what Beau Navire is attempting to achieve. This kind of raw, live feeling on the record is reminiscent of staples of the genre – bands like Orchid and Pg99 as well as several other hardcore bands from the eighties and nineties.

Lyrically Lumens is incredibly dense with reflective, intelligent and generally very well-written lyrics throughout the entire record. Although it can be hard to tell what is being said through all the high pitched growling, one of my favorite lines is in the song “Prisms” where he screams: “Mirrored here is something I’ve never seen. Prisms vast and complex, every color you could ever imagine. All in one instance.” Although I know many will find various aspect of this LP jarring at first, Lumens is thoroughly enjoyable – it’s an incredible piece of work that should be very well received by fans of more extreme music.

Track Listing:

01. Prisms
02. Communique
03. Dead End, Start Over
04. Podebrady
05. Disgust & Fate
06. Amongst Ashes
07. One So Illusive
08. Paper Lanterns
09. Epistolary
10. Our Illumination

Run Time: 22:49
Release Date: June 9, 2012

Check out the album: ‘Lumens’