Few death metal musicians take the time to go over the lyrical concepts of their albums, but Rick Scythe is not your average death metal musician. Recently he was kind enough to take the time to go over the entire Beware The Scythe album track-by-track with me. Read on to see the lyrical inspirations behind the album.

Rick: Beware The Scythe is not a concept album, but most of the songs deal with the occult/hidden side of reality; from past, present and future as well as various conspiracy topics. I will give a brief synopsis of each track:

“The Iron Witch”: This song is based on the 1920’s silent film, ‘Haxen’ It deals with witchcraft and the occult from the beginning of time through the 1920’s.

“Mastermind”: Is the second song. This song is a glimpse of the not-so-distant future of humanity. It deals with the practices of the global elite who mock the laws of nature by spawning abominations such as chimera hybrids; creating intelligent cyborgs that are self aware; spraying poison in the skies and vaccines to make people slow and dimwitted and other atrocities. The song is written in a vague, open way in order for the listener to analyze various lines and make up their own mind.

“Beware The Scythe”: This is the metal anthem of the album. It is simply my perspective on the metal way of life. It has some personal, symbolic lines in there which detail some of my personal struggles, and ultimate triumphs in my life. There is also some humor in there and some aspects which describe what Scythe is all about. It is about being patient, looking within for strength, waiting for the right time to strike and ultimately crushing all those who have every betrayed you!

“Tyrannical Stranglehold”: This is a modern day view of the world created by the Illuminati tyrants. It boggles my mind how people can be so ignorant and believe things coming from the globalist controlled media and the Fascist PC Thugs. This is about the slow, strong stranglehold upon mankind. Remember: freedom of speech is now almost dead. Hurting someones feelings is now considered a “Hate Crime”. Using un-PC terms now makes someone not only a pariah, but a criminal. Certain words are now banned, certain literature is banned, emails and phone calls are screened, people are violated and groped in the name of security, security cameras spy on your every move yet the masses just accept this. If you told people back in the 1950’s that this would be our way of life in the 21st century, no one would believe it. Who are the real terrorists?

“Tunguska Death Ray”: This is the opening track to side 2. This is an example of Scythian Speed Metal! It is about Nikola Tesla’s “Death Ray” and the “Tunguska Event” of 1908. Telsa had many inventions that could have helped create a planetary utopia, but of course was squelched by globalists such as Westinghouse, Rockefeller and so forth. Basically this deals with his invention called the “Death Ray” which he actually named “The Peace Ray” It could basically decimate entire Armies or Invaders without use of toxic radioactive material. He wanted to test this device in 1908 when his friend Peary was exploring the North Pole. Legend has it that he over shot the North Pole and hit Tunguska, Siberia… which makes sense because of the total obliteration in June 1908 when the Tunguska event happened. Of course modern scientists claim it was a meteor that caused the devastation, but seriously… There is as much evidence of a meteor hitting as there is a plane crashing in Shanksville; but just like that, people believe the original story without using logic and common sense. Obviously the globalists want to keep people ignorant to Tesla and his great inventions.

“Opus Dei of the Dead”: This is the ballad of the album, if you can call a song this heavy a ballad. It is about the pagan ceremony, “Candlemass Eve”. Basically was thought to be way more Satanic than Halloween. Pure evil ceremonies and chants, witching festivities for the elite to give them power to control the world. The words to this are written more or less like a mantra. Repeating words over and over is a popular occult, magical practice. The words resonate and create energy. So the lyrics are written in this mantra chanting style. It is an evil, weird song about an evil, weird practice.

“Talons Of Steel”: This is a basic, no frills headbanging classic! Musically it is like a strange hybrid combination of Manowar, “Born Again” era Black Sabbath and Hellhammer. Lyrically it is about Bohemian Grove and the “Cremation of Care” ceremony. Once a year the elite billionaire tyrants gather; including politicians, CEO’s of Multinational Corporations, bankers and lawmakers to have a little fun, and talk a little shop. No women are allowed, but they still find time to have orgies, get intoxicated and worship a giant stone owl named “Molach”. They have nice little pagan ceremonies where they sacrifice effigies to Molach… this sounds absurd, but it is 100% true. We have a picture of it in the gatefold of the LP and the back of the CD tray.

“Eye Of The Crow”: This is inspired by “The Hymn of Heloise” which was written by a medieval monk named, Peter Abelard. The poem is very long and very evil. A basic story of unholy passion. The song, by contrast is very short; I like the contrast of using few words to paint a large picture. The words are all taken from the poem, but when put into the context of a short metal song, but can take on various interpretations by the listener.

“Planet Of The Humans”: This is about the race of giants written about in manuscripts and artwork from every ancient civilization: from the Assyrians, to Babylonians, to the Bible. It was inspired by The Book of Enoch, which basically states that races of fallen angels came down to Earth to breed with human women and created a race known as “The Annunaki”. This giant race and their offspring were killed by the Great Flood. However, Nibiru, or as the Bible calls it “Wormwood” is actually a dwarf Star to our Sun which travels in an elliptical orbit that enters near Earth every 3,600 years. When it does it causes great calamities, such as the Great Flood and the Fall of Babylon. Greek and Roman Gods were quite possibly real and from this star system. The hybrid beasts you see in Assyrian and Mesopotamian art are real “chimera” creations of these abominable tyrants.

Check out the album: ‘Beware The Scythe’


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