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The Skinny: There’s nothing like some good Russian hardcore music! Vagiant (no, not that kind of vagiant) is a four piece band from Moscow, Russia, or as they refer to it as “the motherland of Lenin, Lada autos, bears and vodka”, who call themselves a group of antisocial, paranoid still life loving, good-mannered and joyful nerds. The most distinctive element to the band is their strange sense of humor that is based on themes of degredation, blasphemy, substance abuse, psychical disorders and oddly enough, flowers.

In the last year, Vagiant has managed to release their demo record as well as the EP Gospel According to Vagiant. The last year has also seen the band do a massive Russian tour, supporting acts such as Jucifer, Rolo Tomassi as well as And So I Watch You From Afar. This spring, Vagiant will go out in support of Russian Circles and Red Fang. Here, as a sample from this up-and-coming band, is the song “How Bad is Your Karma” available for free download. Enjoy and spread the Russian love!