This is the fifth full-length album from the New Zealand funk/reggae band, The Black Seeds. I have actually never listened to these guys before and had no expectations when I popped it into my player. That said what I found was a very interesting, enjoyable disc with quite a bit of variety as well. Obviously there’s a reggae vibe to the whole disc, but tunes like, “Don’t Turn Around” and “Wide Open” are so funky they feel like they were stolen right from the ’70s. Songs like “Pippy Pip” and “Crack In Our Crown” on the other hand, are so pop-oriented they could easily be played on top 40 stations around the globe.

The overall mellow vibe and relaxed atmosphere created on this record lends itself to chilling out with friends and is the perfect backdrop for when the nights are warm and the beverages are cold and flowing. Like Sublime? Check out The Black Seeds.

Track Listing:

01. Out Of Light
02. Dust And Dirt
03. Pippy Pip
04. Wide Open
05. The Bend
06. Loose Cartilage
07. Frostbite
08. Gabriel’s Strut Dub
09. Love Me Now
10. Cracks In Our Crown
11. Don’t Turn Around
12. Settle Down
13. Rusted Story

Run Time: 55:36
Release Date: April 10, 2012

Check out the album: ‘Dust and Dirt’