Process of Guilt is a Portuguese band that play a slow, heavy style which sounds to me like doom mixed with Godflesh. A bit of a weird combination, but it works and it works really well actually. Faemin is also an excellent example of how to do long songs properly. Most people (self included) tend to think “oh no,” when they look at a band’s track list and see that there are 5 songs and the run time is over 40 minutes. In this case, each time I played the disc it would seem like only a couple of minutes went by and the album was over.

The production of the album, while dark and murky, totally fits the overall tone of the record, making things sound even heavier than it would have with a totally crystal clear sound. Vocally Justin Broadrick is an obvious influence, which really suits this style of music. Slow but groovy, this album needs to be heard by anyone who is even remotely into doom or Godflesh.

Track Listing:

01. Empire
02. Blindfold
03. Harvest
04. Cleanse
05. Faemin

Run Time: 43:36
Release Date: June 11, 2012

Check out the song: “Harvest”