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The Skinny: Obduracy is Canadian heavy metal at its finest. This independent five-piece from Ottawa is the result of a relentless dedication to creating some devastating and blistering thrash-tinged death metal. The group’s real inspiration is a desire to mold an aggressive, unforgiving and genuinely evil sound that takes no prisoners. If you’re looking for soft ballads then you can be sure that Obduracy will deliver the exact opposite to that.

The members of Obduracy first got together in summer 2010 and immediately started crafting their sound and style. The group was rounded out by the addition of bassist Evan Curtis and lead singer Dean Desarmia who was the last member to join after auditioning many other singers. The band just released their debut record Sunday’s Autopsy in February and are looking to redefine the Canadian metal scene. Here, we offer to you an exclusive, free download of Obduracy’s “Virtue and Vice” from the debut release Sunday’s Autopsy.