Stop The Chaos is simply one of the best grindcore albums I have heard in some time. While admittedly I’m not the world’s biggest grindcore fan, I do like the stuff in doses (though I generally find that too many repeated listens can cause my brain to ‘grind’ and leave me feeling overwhelmed). Stop the Chaos however, didn’t make me want to take a break from the incessant grinding at all. No in fact, I really enjoyed myself and didn’t want the album to end, which is something I normally don’t find myself wanting with a grind record.

The album is extremely well played and punishing to the ears, but also has some slower and groovier parts throughout. The band also branches out a bit and gets into a bit of ambient noise on album closer, the appropriately named “The End”. Comparisons for any grind band to Napalm Death are of course a given, but in this case it is well deserved seeing as Napalm are the cream of the gindcore heap.

If you don’t normally like grind, I dare you to take a listen to this album as this is some high quality stuff that deserves a listen. For all of you who are already into grind, pick this up: It’s one of the best albums that you will hear all year.

Track Listing:

01. E Conspectu
02. The Law
03. Stop the Chaos
04. Find the Function
05. Intricate Trap
06.The End

Run Time: 15:21
Release Date: May 18, 2012

Check out the song: “The Law”