My friend and I compiled a list of strut songs one summer. These so-called ‘strut songs’ all sound rather different, but rely on one definitive aspect: a stellar underlying beat that you can’t help but walk in cadence with. Simply turn your volume to max capacity, zone in on it, and let your body act accordingly.

Wave Sleep Wave, the newest offering from Jerry Adler (formerly of The Blam and Flugente), will be releasing their debut album on March 27th and the lead track “Hey… What?” is a shoe-in for my strut song playlist. The song has the right amount of guitar-echoed mysticism, a stellar lead vocal and an unwavering backbeat. I can’t help but let myself get excited for the album’s drop – let’s just hope it follows the lead, because summer’s coming and I tend to do a lot of walking.

Run Time: 4:35
Release Date: March 27, 2012

Check out the song: “Hey… What?”