Legendary punk vocalist and bassist Mike Herrera (MxPx, Arthur, The Cooties) has been writing Country tunes since 1998. With the help of a few friends ( Jack Parker, Marshall Trotland, Harley Trotland), said passion for Country led him to start a side-project entitled Tumbledown. Under this moniker Herrera has already released 5 EPs and 2 full-lengths, his latest of which, Empty Bottle, dropped in 2010 via End Sounds.

Musically Tumbledown has approached their songs with a rocking Country vibe. They’ve made use of traditional Country instruments such as electric/acoustic guitars, harmonicas, mandolins and more to create their signature sound, while lyrically Herrera penned the songs in a style similar to that of his other projects. With the vocals being straightforward, and not low/whiny like one might hear on your typical Country tune, this adds a welcome flow to the music.

While listening to Empty Bottle I can definitely envision myself sitting down with a cold drink and singing along in a drunken daze. This album has definitely helped me to broaden my musical tastes – who knew Country could be so hip?

Track Listing:

01. Places In This Town
02. Empty Bottle
03. Meet The Devil
04. Arrested In El Paso Blues
05. Great Big World
06. She’s In Texas (And I’m Insane)
07. St. Peter
08. A Thousand More Times
09. Dead Man Walking
10. Bad News
11. Drink To Forget
12. Not Hung Over (A True Story)

Run Time: 33:50
Release Date: October, 26, 2010

Check out the song: “Great Big World”