With a line like, “It’s my life, so you should bounce and never call again,” it’s obvious The Story So Far doesn’t like to mince words. They’re blunt, angry, and contemporary; all proven by the line above. Another terrific band in the pop-punk revival that seems to be adding to its ranks daily, this Californian quintet rails in double time like all punk should, allowing the guitars to chug while vocalist Parker Cannon – what a name – renders the breakup song in full pop-punk splendour.

The record is without a weak track, and after one listen it’s already imprinted on a spot in your brain, forever next to the vocal hooks of every Blink song and hundreds of Simpsons punch lines; in other words: the sweet spot. The guitars are fiery yet sublimely melodic at times, and while the drums and bass stick to speed and power, the vocals snarl and sway powerfully, really taking The Story So Far to the next level.

Touring in the next month with The Wonder Years, Transit, and Polar Bear Club, these guys are ready to step into the limelight and they definitely deserve the attention. “Quicksand” is the single, and one of the catchiest tracks on the record, but it’s really only the tip of the iceberg. Give it a listen and you’ll realize why The Story So Far is one of the brightest lights in pop-punk today. They have energy, talent, and a ton of promise; all on show in the eleven tracks of Under Soil and Dirt.

Track Listing:

01. States and Minds
02. Roam
03. Quicksand
04. Swords and Pens
05. High Regard
06. Daughters
07. Mt. Diablo
08. Four Years
09. Rally Cap
10. Placeholder
11. Closure

Run Time: 32:12
Release Date: June 21, 2011

Check out the song: “Quicksand”