Montreal’s The Great Sabatini is without a doubt, one of the most interesting bands emerging from the Canadian underground. Theirs is a familiar yet distinctive sound that mixes the intoxicating eeriness of Neurosis and Today Is The Day with many other extreme and not-so extreme genres. With several North American tours and three previous releases under their belt, the band’s new recording, Matterhorn, is a six song journey that brings to the table different levels of moods without ever losing sight of the raw aggressiveness that characterizes them.

There’s a lot happening here. From the contrasting combination of fast and heavy episodes in “City lights”, the pseudo atonalism in “Zakios” to the affecting and meditative landscapes of “Hidden Door” and the closer “Sad Parade of Yesterdays” it’s easy to see that this band has probably reached on this recording a genuine state of maturity. Yet, the listener could feel that still there’s plenty of room to grow into more expansive creative grounds.

Matterhorn is a short but worthwhile trip that guarantees zero yawns or boredom. It’s rare to find these days a recording that, with a relatively short running time (28 minutes), is able to offer this much musical quality. Although its length is one of its greatest strengths, it could possibly also become its weakest link; mostly in the ears of those with hunger for more material. A remarkable effort from a band that deserves to be followed very closely.

Track Listing:

01. City Limits
02. Zakios
03. Hidden Door
04. Null and Void
05. Wagons
06. Sad Parade or Yesterdays

Run TIme: 28:00
Release Date: March 25, 2012

Check out the song: “Zakios”