Facedown Records’ extreme metal act The Burial is back with a new disc, Lights And Perfections. This is their third release and once again ups the ante, further raising the bar in the extreme tech metal genre. This is some skull-crushing music, but to me the thing that stands out the most is the sheer technicality of each song; these guys are unbelievable musicians. The heavy, stylistic riffs are complimented nicely by the absolutely insane guitar shredding of Todd Hatfield and the rest of the band is equally on point, highlighted in the way they seamlessly change tempos and stop on a dime, wowing you as they wallop you.

Though the band recently became a four piece, you would never know it. They are more powerful and more focused than on their previous release, The Winepress, and this new offering showcases a progression towards the more technical side of things. That said, there is a lot to take in on this one. It’s very dense and I had to listen to it a few times before really being able to appreciate it and formulate my review. I suspect that over time, after even more spins, I will be able to fully grasp what The Burial has done here.

Honestly though, despite the fact that this is quite a technical disc, at the heart of it all are nine solid extreme metal tunes that should go a long way to satisfying even the most discriminate metal head. Give this one a shot when it comes out on March 27th.

Track Listing:

01. Lights
02. Apathy And Petition
03. Pearls; The Frailty of Matter
04. Salt And Wrath
05. Seed
06. Wisdom; The Gateway of Liberty
07. Sight And Sensation
08. Shackles And Ember
09. Perfections

Run Time: 40:30
Release Date: March 27, 2012

Check out the song: “Pearls; The Frailty of Matter”