Die Pretty are a pop punk band from New York that I cannot stop listening to. If you’ve watched their music videos you will notice their super-cute vocalist and bassist, Sarah Orloff, owning a good amount of ink. I recently got the chance to ask Sarah about her tattoos. Also check out their music video for “Voices” under the interview to see and hear her and the band’s greatness.

When and what was your first tattoo?
Sarah: My first tat was the typical “tramp stamp” of a butterfly on my lower back! I was 18 years old.

Any of your tattoos have any special meaning behind them? If so what?
Sarah: A lot of my tattoos have to do with my love of music. I’m the lead singer and bass guitar player for NYC rock group Die Pretty. I have a microphone on my shoulder and a girl playing stand up bass on my arm because of my love of singing and rocking out on the bass in my band.

Who does your tattoos?
Sarah: Jim Pardi of Sling’ N Ink Tattoo in Albany, NY has done all of my tattoos.

Do you plan on getting any more in the near future?
Sarah: Yes! I’ve been brainstorming different ideas lately of what to get next. I may get an eagle tattoo since that’s what my last name means. Possibly on my back.

Have you seen any fans with Die Pretty tattoos?
Sarah: Yes I met a fan at one of our shows who had the wilted sunflower Die Pretty logo tattooed on her back. I felt really happy that our music inspired her enough to do that!

If you had to get someone’s face tattooed on you, who’s would it be and why?
Sarah: I would probably get a tattoo of Betty Page since I love pinup girl artwork and she was the coolest one going! She’s an icon and I would be proud to have her face tattooed on me!

Check out the song: “Voices”