LetKolben & Mike Anderson – “Just the Truth EP” Out Now! [News]
The “Just the Truth” Ep created by Letkolben and vocals by Mike Anderson is what it is? Just the straight warning truth of your Disney world magical experience of creation and credibility taking place on 5 insanity tracks. In my universal mind, possibly climaxing the dance music standards in innovation in 2012.

“Just the Truth” is melting butter magic the mix-downs,vocals, deceptive cadence and timbre are truth in the heart of creation so don’t get scandalous on your name when you get with this listening truth program and are moving sideways like i still am.

“Touch my things” is that original track we want to tell our significant other when we come home from the club and wonder why they did not want to come with you again and everything is out of order? This track speaks words of straight strength to the masses and what we really want to say to the insecure and troubled crazy people in our lives. This track will be making you replay this track over and over of LetKolben and Mike Anderson so just don’t touch my repeat button its on play!!!!! 🙂

“Your a damn dirty weasel” is watch the hell out cadence of trickster definition! I don’t know if i am being taken on a agical trip or journey or getting told i should clean myself up; that i look like a hot mess and just don’t know if i am coming or going! Just damn dirty weasel of a track! B–tch!

“What is the feeling” is one of my actual favorites on this Just the Truth Ep as Letkolben and the vocals of Mike Anderson are straight serious insanity with a sound of feeling you may not be ready to understand this feeling as you may be thinking your twice as high as usual again.

“Racist against my kind” Is that wake up call to all those biased against the Letkolben & Mike Anderson Music movement so get ready for this 8:34 minute warning to world and fist fight sound that will turn your head into merry go rounds,,Straight proper propaganda going round and round the dance floor so here we go for those Racist Animals!

Out Now! on Kommunikation Records and “Just the Truth” EP and the Truth!
Its a Free Release imagine that! 🙂

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