Check out the song: “Warmth & Winter”

There’s something about brothers in rock bands that just seems to work more often than not. Exalt is a hardcore/metalcore band from Kitchener, Ontario that is maybe a little different from your average “loud” group. Their songs focus a lot on the more positive aspects of life as opposed to the common cynical, pessimistic attitude common of hard rock music. The band’s album is called Breach False Minds, a record that they have been hard at work on for nearly two full years now. The band is excited for its release as well as some accompanying tour dates that will go along with it. We spoke to Exalt’s lead singer Tyler Brand recently about the origins of his band, what artists he was really taken with as a youngster and some more information about Breach False Minds.

Exalt is made up of two sets of brothers and lead singer Tyler Brand. I guess we can assume how each team of brothers met, but how did you all collectively get together?
Tyler: Well throughout all playing in various bands with each other since we were young, we met. We have all played in bands with at least one other member of this band for the last 7-8 years, so we all know each other musically very well, it was natural to all come together as one.

You just played some shows throughout Ontario, including one in Toronto on March 2nd. Do you find that more local fans are starting to know the band and come out more to your shows?
Tyler: Definitely. Shows have just grown and grown as we have progressed. More people are coming out, singing along and showing interest in us as we play more and more shows.

What were some of the bands and artists you grew up listening to that you could consider a direct influence on the sound of Exalt?
Tyler: Personally, when I was young, At The Drive-In had a big influence on me, and that influence still rings true. For a lot of the other guys, the Deftones were and still are a big influence musically. A lot of us don’t listen to the exact same music, but collectively, we would name Converge and Deftones as definite influences on our music.

It says that the band promotes self-worth and a life separate of the negative aspects of the world. Could you elaborate a little bit on what this motivation is all about?
Tyler: A lot of people our age, in our eyes, don’t have their heads on necessarily straight. A lot of backwards attitudes and ethics are shown, and we aren’t for that, by any means. We just want to show that you don’t have to follow the same backwards path a lot of people are headed down.

Your record is called Breach False Minds. How long has this album been in the works?
Tyler: Well, I guess this record has been in the works since we started as a band, back in August/September 2010. We started the recording in September 2011 and we are very excited it is closing in on the release date.

You say that the title, Breach False Minds, captures what most of your songs are all about. Tell us a little more about what this phrase, breach false minds, means for you.
Tyler: Again, as I said in the question about what we are about, this is just about changing perceptions about which path is the “right” path to take. Breach False Minds is just a few words, pleading people to think over their actions more thoroughly. It is also a line from the song “Serpents At My Feet” on this record, and we found it suiting.

Check out the song: “Pray For Release”

Did you all write the songs together in a room or did you write your own parts individually?
Tyler: Mostly an idea is brought to the table by one of our guitarists, and then we flow with it as a full band until it becomes what we feel, a natural, full song.

You recorded with Adam Wathan at the Bat Cave in Cambridge, Ontario. How did Adam come to be involved in the recording process?
Tyler: We initially recorded a couple songs with him for a split we did with the band Counterparts as our first release. We had a few studios in mind to go with for our full-length, but going with Adam was our final choice as we were completely comfortable with him as he knew exactly what we wanted for sound on this record. It was a great experience.

What’s next for Exalt? What do you have in store in terms of music and touring for the next few months?
Tyler: We plan on touring and playing as much as possible in the coming months. Hoping to play out of province more and more. We have also been writing more songs, and we will continue to do so as it feels natural.