For fans of Blink 182, New Found Glory, Green, and Bowling For Soup arrive Freshman 15 with their new album Here’s To Feeling Good. This album is an opus of pop/punk goodness.

True players to the pop/punk game, Freshman 15 deliver their sophomore attempt and are spot-on. With eleven great tracks of infectious harmonies and melodies that will stick in your head for days, the band has a good sense of humor and does not take themselves too seriously. Such is the case with their opening track and introduction to the album, “Secrets Of The Oohs/Wizard Of Ahhs,” with comedic lyrics like: “Here it is the sophomore attempt by us / Will this fail or be a success for us / Because we’re all on a race with the clock / We’re getting older but we’re too young to stop.”

Excellent. Hilarious. The song sets the mood for what you can expect from the rest of this album: funny lyrics along with great rhythm syncopation and vocal/guitar melodies. I expect great things from this band. Go buy this album!

Track Listing:

01. Secret Of The Oohs/Wizard Of Ahhhs
02. Mistake Ex-Girlfriend
03. Drink To That
04. Anywhere But Here
05. Getting Weird
06. Harder Than Mine
07. Close To Me
08. Come Back For More
09. Goodnight At Daylight
10. My Bad
11. Our California Song (Remix)

Run Time: 32:49
Release Date: March 13, 2012

Check out the album teaser