Freshkills is a Brooklyn-based five piece as poisoned and poisonous as the famed landfill from which they take their name. No, they didn’t form a couple months ago, following their glo-fi dreams from Ohio to Bushwick. They’ve slung bitter, prickling riffs, sinewy grooves and basement punk poetics since the rebirth of Lower East Side rock and the critically-endorsed coronation of Julian, Carlos and Karen O.

For their latest offering, ‘Raise Up The Sheets’, Freshkills tapped elegant degenerate Jim Sclavunos, the no wave icon who performed with Sonic Youth, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, and the Cramps before hopping behind the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ drum kit. Sclavunos: “Freshkills inhabit a dark but thrilling underworld in which relentless machine-like rhythmic intensity hammers ear-anvils at the bidding of wryly louche after-hours philosophy. They’re the visceral embodiment of power and poetry.”

‘Raise Up The Sheets’ attacks on every front like a pandemic. The songs are prettier, darker, more concise and more expansive. Lipez is wounded and acerbic, the rhythm section both tight and monstrous with military precision and vulgar swing, the twin guitars frantic, chaotic and dangerous as a sharpened screwdriver. The whole band sounds like they’ve been cornered and will have to fight their way out. It’s anyone’s guess who will win, but either way, it’ll be worth watching. Watch the video for “The Bigger Man” HERE.

Tour Dates:

03/09 – New York, NY – Pianos (w /Kid Savant, Such Hounds)
03/10 – Athens, OH – The Union (w/ Dropdead Sons)
03/11 – Knoxville, TN – Pilot Light
03/12 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl (w/ The Liverhearts)
03/15 – Austin, TX – Red 7 Patio
03/17 – Austin, TX – Rockin’ Tomato Pizza

‘Raise Up The Sheets’ Track Listing:

01. Raise Up The Sheets
02. Why Are You So Unforgiving?
03. The Child We Almost Had
04. Frankie & Johnny
05. Positive Vibes
06. Wolves That Raised You
07. Hotels
08. Bigger Man
09. Try To Be Kind
10. New Folksongs For New Buildings

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