House of Flesh Mannequins is a very interesting and extremely disturbing movie; it’s flat out creepy on just about every level and left me wanting a shower to remove the scum I felt I’d accumulated during the viewing. Let me see if I can explain a bit.

First off let’s start with the terrific cinematography and setting. This is a wonderful looking film, especially for a “B” movie, and the skillful use of light and dark and shadows not only look great, but also creates an unsettling vibe that I feel runs through the whole movie. I quite enjoyed this portion of the film; unfortunately for me there is no way to separate the content from the vehicle, so to speak.

Anyway, at the heart of the movie is a sketchy looking dude who takes graphic photographs of accidents, murders and just about any other type of human tragedy. He’s hired for his services by an even more unsavory character who pays handsomely for the macabre pictures. The photographer eventually meets a young lady who shares his interest, or at least morbid curiosity, in the pictures and this is where, for me, the movie spirals out of control.

In the end, this is a bloody movie with tons of gratuitous sex scenes scattered throughout. Bottom line, hardcore “B” movie and horror fans might dig this, but I found it to be way too much for my liking.

Run Time: 96 minutes
Release Date: October 1, 2009

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