I have said it before and I will say it again, the best part about writing for PureGrainAudio is the exposure that I get to artists I probably wouldn’t have otherwise heard of. Disease Illusion is one of these bands; there’s a good chance they would have totally slipped under my radar had it not been for this assignment.

Hailing from northern Italy these guys really pack a punch. “Last Murder” kicks the record off with an intense brutality that will pummel you into submission. It is so freakin’ heavy and works off a really cool riff that immediately drew me in. I am not going to break this CD down track by track, but I will tell you that Backworld is an ultra-intense, uber-aggressive disc that will rip your face off and keep you coming back for more.

At times the songs are unbelievably heavy and quite technical, but the cool thing about the band is that they also add just enough melody to their madness to keep things interesting; which is something that I feel goes a long way to offsetting the crazy, growling vocals and distorted, down-tuned, chunky guitars. If you’re a fan of good melodic death metal I would highly recommend checking out Backworld.

Track Listing:

01. Last Murder
02. Eyes Of Illusion
03. Predator
04. From Ashes To Dust
05. Denied
06. One Last Breath
07. The Truth
08. Everything Into Nothing
09. Redemption of The Dreamer
10. Light On This Earth

Run Time: 50:09
Release Date: ?

Check out the album: “One Last Breath”