GunShyAssassin has posted an exclusive premier of the song “Insane Motor Cortex” from ‘Mayhem Maniac Machine’, the forthcoming album from tech-death phenoms Deadborn. The track is available for internet consumption HERE. ‘Mayhem Maniac Machine’ is set to be released internationally on April 20th via Germany’s Apostasy Records.

With a slightly rougher and thicker production compared to 2007’s acclaimed ‘Stigma Eternal’, ‘Mayhem Maniac Machine’ features intelligent arrangements that alternate between blast attacks and driving rhythms, combined with brilliant melodies and groovy elements. The album was engineered, mixed and mastered with producer Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Dead Eyed Sleeper, etc). The songwriting and production match the best tech-death of the 90s with the modern sounds of today. Put simply, ‘Mayhem Maniac Metal’ is Deadborn’s masterpiece.

‘Mayhem Manic Machine’ Track Listing:

01. Premises Of Cryonics
02. Profanatic Reanimation
03. Bionic Abomination
04. Insane Motor Cortex
05. Replicants Device
06. Slaves Of Megatron
07. Reinvented Power Process
08. Second Order Cybernetics
09. Kraftwerk D

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