The word ‘Thrash’ has a few meanings in the dictionary: to move widely or violently, to strike or flail, to thresh and to sail against opposing tides or winds. Upon listening to this release, I would like to add Cavalera Conspiracy’s newest album Blunt Force Trauma to the above definition list.

The band’s latest offering only reaffirms why the Cavalera brothers are idolized in the thrash scene as each of the 11 tracks are groovy, short and concise. Even the slowest songs have a sweet thrash vibe to them; though the majority of the album is fast-paced and whiplash-inducing. Cavalera Conspiracy continues to be a metal force to be reckoned with and have yet again delivered with Blunt Force Trauma. Fans should go buy the disc and get ready to beef up their neck muscles!

Track Listing:

01. Warlord
02. Torture
03. Lynch Mob
04. Killing Inside
05. Thrasher
06. I Speak Hate
07. Target
08. Genghis Khan
09. Burn Waco
10. Rasputin
11. Blunt Force Trauma

Run Time: 34:08
Release Date: March 29, 2011

Check out the song: “Killing Inside”