Bedrock Records Releases "Stars & Shines EP" by Marco Bailey, Tom Hades [News]
The Stars and Shines Ep is a great peer perception in our eyes of what may be the definition of absolute divine electronic music. The continued presence of Marco Bailey & Tom Hades co-productions, once again exemplifies their continued presence of crowd moving releases on such legacy labels as John Digweed’s Bedrock Records..

“Star and Shines” is exactly what the name of the track reflects. The anticipation of experiencing what light through melodic patterns is and combining the feeling, when your wishing on a star. This is exactly why this track is electronic dance awe!

“Why Don’t you Answer” is a straight subsonic journey of melodic tranquility. The universal-minded music sequences in this track elaborates better than good music from the beginning to the end. This may and will in our eyes be the 100% reason not to answer the door or look through the peephole. Please beware that this track may carry you through the the night without any bad Answers necessary. =-)

When you feel the sweet kick of the Shake in the Solar system it may be just the magnitude of presence of the “Shakey Solar” track warming the neurons in your brain with that twirling windmills warming sensation of thank you i am alive on this wonderful planet. Out now on Bedrock Records.