After having a major rager in 2010 Attila are back and in deep trouble with their new album Outlawed. With a bit of a line-up change the boys are ready to breakdown, get fucked and party harder than ever. 10 tracks of hardcore drinking anthems? I love it!

This release differs from Attila’s past work as they brought more generic hardcore influences into their music, easing up on their deathcore. That being said though they still brought the groovy breakdowns and killer fast growls for which they’re known, they’ve also tamed the vocals at times to be more of a scream/shout. But guess what? Change is good!

Something I like about Outlawed are the track names; they give the album more of a party vibe. Titles like “Smokeout”, “Another Round” and “Sex, Drugs & Violence” really makes one think of hot girls, booze, drugs and crazy jams. I had a blast with this album and think it’s a definite buy for any hardcore fans.

Track Listing:

01. Outlawed
02. Light Me Up
03. Nothing Left To Say
04. Another Round
05. Nasty Mouth
06. Smokeout
07. Holler At Ya Boy
08. Sex, Drugs & Violence
09. White Lightning
10. Payback

Run Time: 29:40
Release Date: August 16, 2011

Check out the song: “Another Round”