Punk rock is a loose term, and has been for a long time, so it’s nice to see bands drop all the ideological positioning, hipster-chic, punk-in vogue crap that often plagues such a fine genre. Putting together a solid EP, Archers and Arrows play it straight, and even if basic punk doesn’t blow you away, it’s refreshing to hear it still lives strong.

Wailing like an uber guttural Anti-Flag, this band echoes the glory days of American mainstream punk around the millennium, but – brace yourself – these guys actually come from across the Atlantic; hitting your eardrums all the way from the snowy Alps of Switzerland. The EP delivers well, opening sharply and finishing with the collection’s two strongest songs. International props are in order.

A solid EP, EU citizenship that you’d never have guessed at, and some good ol’ punk rock: sounds good to me!

Track Listing:

01. It’s so Cool, We Will Die All Together
02. The Support
03. Swan Song
04. Truncated Humanism
05. The Young Carpetbaggers

Run Time: 17:18
Release Date: October 8, 2010

Check out the album: “Archers and Arrows”