Detroit, MI’s We Came As Romans is premiering their new music video for “Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be” online and can be watched below. This is the third and final installment of a video series that was directed by Travis Kopach (AFI, 3OH!3, Panic! At The Disco) and filmed in Brooklyn, NY.

We Came As Romans bassist Andrew Glass, who assists with the development and execution of creative concepts for all of the band’s album artwork and music videos, explains of the video series: “The three videos we shot portray a person lost, confused and struggling to find purpose in life. He sees himself at his darkest in the first video, trying endlessly to find his way out. After going through a traumatic experience, he finds his way out and his eyes begin to open to a new journey of finding out what really makes him feel alive. Through this journey the man traces back to his childhood house, where it all began. Overwhelming feelings wash over him as he remembers the feeling he once had long ago. Now, with a sense of purpose, he embarks back into the world to take the path he should have taken long ago.”

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