Boston, MA band Vanna have been blowing up the hardcore scene ever since their second full-length, A New Hope, came out. Thanks in large to this album the group had a tight touring schedule and began to amass a growing following. Now the band is back with a follow up to that highly popular release, And They Came Baring Bones, out via Artery Recordings.

Yet again, Vanna have produced their well-known blend of pop rock and hardcore, a combination that leads to vocal switches between loud shouting and mellow singing. What I like about the group, when compared to other post hardcore bands, is how they don’t play around with breakdowns as much. They stick to straight forward rock. Alongside these energized tracks they’ve also included softer songs like “Scarlet Shroud” which focus more on the mellow vocals and instrumentals.

And They Came Baring Bones I would consider a gate way album for any rock fans that want to dabble in hardcore. Vanna have yet again created music that will satisfy old fans and probably afford them another tight touring schedule.

Track Listing:

01. Black Bones
02. I, The Remover
03. History On Repeat
04. Breathing At The Bottom
05. Scarlet Shroud
06. Passages
07. Silver Sun
08. I, The Collector
09. Careless Men Lead Carless Lives
10. Eyes Like The Tides
11. White Light

Run Time: 33:30
Release Date: June 21, 2011

Check out the song: “History On Repeat”