The Skinny: Let’s say it plain and simple: Virginia’s The Day of The Beast is one of the fiercest metal machines you will find in North America nowadays. And with their second album, Relentless Demonic Intrusion, about to be released by Canonical Hours Records, the world will have the opportunity to take notice of the band’s undeniable potential.

Formed in 2005, this quintet has been working from the very beginning towards the creation of a lethal mix of traditional Thrash, Death and Black Metal. The ‘take no prisoners’ attitude of their music is perfectly contrasted by an obvious lyrical interest centered on the works of Lovecraft and other occult themes. Just listen to tracks like “Unknow Kadath”, “Son of Draconis” and “The Day of the Beast”, all included in their upcoming new album and you will get a clear idea of the stylistic inclinations of these Virginians.

The mission of The Day of The Beast is extremely clear. They want to “keep pushing the envelope of harsh, violent Metal in order to become one of the most pulverizing live bands on the east coast”. With the impending release of Relentless Demonic Intrusion and the favorable buzz previously created by their self-titled debut, it should be only a question of time before this outfit expands their growing fan base through North America and the rest of the Metal planet.

Genre(s): Black Metal, Metal, Thrash

Check out the song: “Unknown Kaddath”